Buying A New Build vs Resale Property

At Marros Properties we are specialists in new build properties and projects. That is not to say though that we do not offer a large array of resale property for sale in Javea and the surrounding towns. In this guide we will help you to make your decision on which type of property sale suits your needs best. From projects still in development to historical houses full of character, we have the best properties available for you to view.

New Build Properties

Modern Living

If you are a person who enjoys to live in the most modern of houses then a new build property could be ideal for your lifestyle. Enjoy the freedom to add all the latest trends to the house during the development phase. Adapt the kitchen to meet your needs and ensure that you don’t have to rewire any area of the house to install any new electronics once the property is finished.

Energy Consumption

The bills when buying an older property, especially in Spain, can often be much higher. The older properties have not been built with the changing weather in mind and rely on the warmth of the sun and fires to heat an entire house. Modern villas are insulated and include hot and cold air conditioning as standard.

The reduced energy consumption, even with air conditioning units running, means that the houses are more environmentally friendly and ‘green’. You not only save in pocket but you help to make the world cleaner at the same time.

Chain-Free Purchase

There is nothing more frustrating than waiting for the current owner to have purchased their new home to be able to complete on your new property. This is particularly frustrating when buying property for sale in Javea and other parts of Spain as deals can often fall through due to regulation infringements committed by previous owners.

Enjoy the pleasure of buying direct from the development company and have the warranties and assurances from the company. No waiting for anything except the build to be complete.

No History

As previously mentioned properties in this area of Spain can have boundary issues, licensing problems and many other causes for delay in sale. The previous owners may also have redeveloped the property in a way that does not suit your style from an interior point of view. This is all part of the history that must be dealt with when buying a resale property. New builds come with no history. You can be involved in the decisions about interior design and make sure the home suits your style and taste from the beginning.

With all the benefits of buying a new build one might ask why you would buy a resale property? Well this has many plus points to it too.

Resale Properties


Properties with age have different characteristics. They are the products of the time they were built and many of these features are endearing to potential buyers. A period property is something to be treasured but very often this can lead to problems if you would like to remodel. The building or it’s surroundings may be protected and need to be preserved. When buying much older properties it is always a good idea to have a lawyer or property specialist who knows the local area and can warn of any of these potential issues.


Older properties tend to be more spacious. This is a rule of thumb and obviously cannot be compared between a €1 million euro new build and an old apartment. Like for like, older properties were built with more space. Bedrooms were bigger, ceilings were higher and generally the build space of a property would be larger than in more modern homes.

What You See Is What You Get

This is a loaded statement as old properties as much as new can have hidden problems that do not become apparent until they are lived in.  All being well older properties are there to be seen. You do not have to imagine from plans the way in which the property will be presented, it is there in front of your eyes. You can plan changes and make sure that you are 100% happy with the layout of the property before purchasing.


When buying a property in a town like Javea or Moraira the community, especially during the winter months, is something that many potential buyers would like to see before buying. Often new build developments are not completed and you don’t know who your neighbours will be until you have already completed the purchase. An older property has an established community, you can meet their neighbours and get to know the people who, in one way or another, will be a part of your life.

The tips and information above are here to guide you through the decision of buying a new build or resale property. It may not help to make your final decision but we hope we can guide you to a more informed decision as we pass on our experience as specialist real estate agents in Javea.